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At Helios Energia Ltd, United Kingdom – our Mission is to create powerful solutions for you by working together with our team and IBM resources. We can structure an ideal and bespoke IBM PowerSystem solution for your Industry. Our understanding of your needs may be enhanced together with selected expert IBMers with many years experience configuring and building server and mainframe systems. There are many tools and resources for you to explore IBM product offerings. Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain are ideally implemented with IBM PowerSystem hosting and a new portfolio of software applications, delivered after careful system’s analysis, diagnosis and supported with technical expertise in order to implement within a seamless and cost effective IBM model, for example Watson AI modular solutions.

Together with you and your team, we can deliver cognitive computing, blockchain and “end-to-end” Internet-of-things solutions. We are able to work with you on a bespoke Artificial Intelligence project supported by the worldwide capabilities of IBM.

Investor Due Diligence on IBM Partnership with Helios Energia Ltd

Quantum Light Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidary of Helios Energia Ltd.